Have you ever wondered if things happen for a reason?

Or, perhaps you always “knew” that things happen for a reason, but weren’t quite sure what those reasons are?

Or, maybe you aren’t really sure, but because of a recent crisis, you’re looking for more meaning, more explanation, of “why.”

Answer the following questions to see if the Reasons Why are for you.

  •  Do you believe in a Higher Power? A force, energy or being that “holds the universe together?” A “guiding influence?” You could use descriptions like God, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, Love, Spirit, Cosmic Intelligence, Infinite, I Am, the Light, the Force, the Source, the Creator, Christ Consciousness or the interconnection and interaction of energy in the universe, but all are forms of the same higher energy.
  •  Do you believe this Higher Power or Divine Intelligence to be loving and benevolent?
  •  Do you pray? Do you have faith that Divine assistance is available? (You don’t have to believe that every prayer is answered – just that it is possible to receive Divine Assistance. In the chapter on Prayer in Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen, you will learn how – and which – prayers are answered.)
  •  Do you believe you are here for a reason – that your life has a purpose?
  •  Do you also believe that destiny is not fixed, but affected by our actions? Do you believe in “free will?”
  •  Do you have faith in an afterlife? That you have a “soul” or similar energy that survives after the physical body “dies?”
  •  Do you agree with psychologists Freud and Jung (among others) that we all have three “selves,” whether they are called Id, Ego and Superego, Subconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious, Higher Self, Inner Self and Outer Self? (You might also call these three aspects “mind, body, spirit.)
  •  Do you acknowledge the principles of Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” – where those with superior physical, emotional or intellectual strength will survive over others with inferior abilities in these areas?
  •  Are you open to understanding how evil can be explained?
  •  Are you willing to keep an open mind?

If you agree with – or are at least open to – the above questions, I am confident you will find meaning in the Reasons Why.

If the questions are not in alignment with your belief system, you might want to read the chapter The Why of the Why. It may help you open your mind. Otherwise, thanks for checking us out. I wish you the best!

Live, Learn and Love!