“This book is truly remarkable!!  The wisdom, the faith, the insight, the humor, the courage, the intellect – all necessary for such a book to be believable – and only because the author herself is real and has truly been tested.”
– Julie Roszell, Founding President, Compassionate Friends chapter of Kentucky

Compassionate Friends is a national nonprofit, self-help support organization that offers friendship, understanding, and hope to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.


“Many books wander in my life — always the right one at the right time.  At a particularly tough time, this one found me. 

I think the world is ready for a book like this. It’s easy to forget our tools during crises so what a refreshing relief to be returned to the basics and hear the obvious of what was too glaring to see!  Thank you for encapsulating everything in a gracious, humorous, SIMPLE way that when I felt shrouded by a cloak, I could SEE it. “

– Kathryn Knox, Author


“The ‘How things really work’ life manual you’ve been waiting for!

Reason’s Why offers a spirited, bright, hopeful lens through which to re-think your own life in a larger, more powerful and liberating way. This a practical, spiritual breakthrough book for normal people. If you think you understand what’s happening in your life, think again. Landrum writes  a clear, compassionate yet candid wake-up call that is guaranteed to leave you more nimble and responsive, more open and clear, and more grounded in your own true self and power than you’ve ever been before. Required reading for those going through tough times or those we love who face hardship and wonder, ‘Why?’”
          – Daniel Holden, author of Lost Between Lives