The Why of the Why

Why should you learn the Reasons Why? Will it make your life happier? More fulfilling? More meaningful?

The answer is a resounding yes.

For everyone, there are undeniable advantages in believing things happen for a reason, and even more so to be aware of what those reasons are.  These benefits include added feeling of control, infinitely more optimism, advanced fulfillment, enhanced compassion, and the big kahuna: happiness.

Knowing the reasons things happen empowers each of us, because then we learn that much of what happens to us in our control. And we’re happier when we feel we have some control over our circumstances.  While this may not be enough to change your basic psychological makeup, hopefully it’s enough to consider that skepticism won’t make you happy. 

Check out the Basic Assumptions and see if they are aligned with your belief system. If they are, you probably already believe things happen for a reason, and gaining clarity on the Five Reasons Why would be enlightening for you. If you’re not sure if you believe the Basic Assumptions, or if you believe some, but not all, I encourage you to explore further. And write to me to tell me your story of transformation!

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