Basic Assumptions

Basic Assumptions

I'd like to ask, before you read any further, please explore the Basic Assumptions, below. 

If your belief system does not agree with these assumptions, you may have difficulty accepting the findings, values and promises throughout the "Reasons Why" teachings.

However, most or all of these principles align with your belief system – WELCOME!  You will find great comfort and understanding in the Reasons Why message. 

The Basic Assumptions are:

  1. There Is a Higher Power
  2. God is Love/Loving
  3. There Is a Purpose in Our Lives and Things Happen for a Reason
  4. We Have Free Will – Destiny Is Not Fixed, But Is Affected By Our Decisions and Actions
  5. There is Life After Death
  6. Each Human Has 3 Selves or Aspects to His or Her Being
  7. Survival of The Fittest
  8. Evil Can Be Explained
  9. Divine Guidance and Assistance is Available

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