The Author

The Author
Brownell Landrum

Welcome to a new level of understanding of life: the Reasons Why Bad Things Happen.

I wrote this book while my life was crashing around me, forcing me to not only dig deep but to go “higher” to gain understanding and meaning.  I discovered the “Five Reasons Why” through divine guidance, self-analysis, meditation and extensive research.  I wrote it because I couldn’t find the complete answers written anywhere (although I owe a lot of great authors, scientists, theologians and philosophers for their insight and wisdom that helped to support the messages in this book).   And I wrote it so that it might help people of all beliefs, backgrounds and experiences reach the deep sense of harmony and faith that I have experienced through the level of perception and acceptance that comes from knowing the Five Reasons Why. 

Discovering and understanding the Reasons Why has changed my life in a profound way.  It is my wish for you to reach the same level of love, peace and awareness.

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In addition to telling people about the Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen, I am also the Chief Innovation Officer for a business I founded called DrawSuccess. The mission at DrawSuccess is to “change the world in a fun and profitable way.” For more information, feel free to visit the website

Brownell is also the author of the smart-sexy-fun-spiritual novels in DUET stories series.  To learn more, Click Here. 

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On a personal note, I am single and live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am blessed with a lot of great friends and a loving supportive family. 

I was a hospice volunteer since 1996, and as a camp counselor and group facilitator for Camp Stars, a bereavement camp for children.  My interests include creating, reading, writing, snow skiing, traveling, racquetball, hiking, movies, television, inventing new products/ concepts, and learning.