As you do the following exercise, close your eyes and imagine you have a flashlight that projects a light-beam that can find and wrap itself around these energies in and around you.  Imagine binding all of the energies together and then removing from your body, aura and energy field as indicated.

I now locate and bind any and all:

  • Negative energies
  • Dispossessed spirits
  • Demonic energies
  • Malevolent or dark forces
  • Tricksters, Troublemakers, Saboteurs, or Attackers
  • Energy-sucking Vampires
  • Imbalances
  • Foreign enemy vibrations
  • Disruptive electrical fields and energies
  • Blocks, curses and hexes
  • Negative or destructive thoughts and emotions
  • Disease, viruses, and ailments
  • Anything that is negatively affecting this body, aura and energy field
  • I locate you and bind them
  • I bind them all together, completely.
  • And take them out of my body, out of my aura and out of my energy field and off this planet
  • And send them to the light
  • Placing them lovingly in the hands of God
  • To now and forever be repolarized and transformed into their
  • Highest purpose of Light and Love
  • And so it is.

For a recording of this meditation, go to the Past Life Tour Guides website.