Is Reasons Why for You?

Is Reasons Why for You?

Reasons Why isn't for everyone. Although a majority of people will find meaning in the Five Reasons Why, it does require two things: alignment with nine beliefs or Basic Assumptions, and a commitment from you. The Quizwill help you quickly determine if Reasons Why will help you.

Why should you explore the Reasons Why? For everyone, there are undeniable advantages in believing things happen for a reason, and even more so to be aware of what those reasons are.  These benefits include added feeling of control, infinitely more optimism, advanced fulfillment, enhanced compassion, and the big kahuna: happiness.  In fact, psychological research has determined that believing things happen for a reason is a significant component of happiness. To read more about The Why of the Why, click here.

Reasons Why covers over ninety Bad Things. To see the List of Bad Things, click here.

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