This polarization between optimism and pessimism creates a crossroads
– which means that humanity is at a point of choice. 
When one has choice, one has power.

- James Redfield and Carol Adrienne

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This site is broken down into two sections: one for Visitors and one for Members. If you are a Visitor, you will find a lot of information to help you find out if Reasons Why is for you, including a Quiz, some Sample Chapters, including the Basic Assumptions which will determine if the messages of Reasons Why will resonate with you, Reviews of the book, Calendar of Events, including Web Classes , Lectures and Workshops, Press and Articles, a Blog with an introductory Q and A, and healing and inspirational messages.

However, if you're a visitor looking for a basic list of the Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen, you won't find that information in the visitor's section. I earnestly prayed and meditated on this question, and the guidance I received was that people are often looking for a "quick fix" - someone to wave a magic wand or provide an instant pill - so all their problems will go away. But true understanding - and change - takes more effort. Just as someone may be able to get a diploma and put their name on it, it wouldn't mean that they had learned anything. I will promise you that if the quiz leads you to reading the book, and the Basic Assumptions align with your belief system, the Five Reasons Why will be both straightforward and a clear explanation of why things happen.*

If you decide that you're ready to learn more, you may Become a Reasons Why Member free when you Buy the Book, or participate in a seminar or workshop.

Members will find a section on Advanced Concepts discussed in the book, a Members-Only Blog and Q&A with the Author, an interactive Online Workbook, and and opportunity to Share their Story to help others.

*I realize some people may interpret this approach as a tactic to sell more books, and to them, I will say that I understand how they feel. If they truly want the easy way out, they can go to the bookstore and flip through the chapters.













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