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List of Bad Things

The Reasons Why explain every kind of "bad thing" that can happen. The folloiwng is a list of tragic experiences people face which are specifically addresssed in the book Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen.

  • You are diagnosed with a chronic, painful illness.
  • Your business fails and you lose everything.
  • Your home is destroyed by fire.
  • Your mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Your best friend gets divorced and has to move in with you.
  • Your infant is diagnosed with an incurable disease and will need a transplant or he will die.
  • Your wife leaves you for another man.
  • Your husband loses his job and stays home every day drinking.
  • Your spouse leaves and takes everything and you are forced to file bankruptcy.
  • You get into a car accident and kill someone.
  • You are sent to prison for a crime you did not commit.
  • Your car is stolen.
  • Your home is broken into and you are raped.
  • Your are exiled from your country
  • You are exposed as a fraud on national TV
  • Your child is abducted
  • Your sister is injured in a car accident and is paralyzed on one side of her body.
  • Your son goes to war and is a prisoner of war.
  • Your wife gets breast cancer.
  • You lose all confidence in yourself and become a hermit.
  • You are fired from your job.
  • Your boyfriend sexually abused your children.
  • You are in the witness protection program and are forced to leave everyone and everything you know.
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend leaves you after 10 years together.
  • You have to have a hysterectomy and won’t be able to have children.
  • You have an illness that puts you on long-term disability.
  • You have prostate cancer and will no longer be able to perform sexually.
  • Your husband leaves you alone when you are 8 ½ months pregnant.
  • Your home and neighborhood is destroyed in a hurricane.
  • You flunk out of college.
  • You get arrested and are sentenced to 10-20 years in prison.
  • You have to pay child support for a child you didn’t want.
  • You are 15 and pregnant.
  • You lost all your money and savings.
  • Your child runs away from home and lives on the street doing drugs and working as a prostitute.
  • You think of suicide all the time.
  • You know other people’s problems may be worse than yours, but you are still devastated.
  • You are forced to live on the street.
  • Your son is arrested for rape.
  • You were born without the ability to see.
  • Your daughter is convicted of murdering her children.
  • You are paralyzed from an accident.
  • You lose your entire family in a tornado.
  • You have a different, serious crisis every year.
  • You have to have your arms amputated.
  • You witness a gruesome murder.
  • You are drafted to fight in a war you don’t support.
  • Someone is trying to kill you.
  • You hate the way you look.
  • You fail at everything you do.
  • Your family thinks your beliefs are crazy.
  • Your boat capsizes and you are lost at sea.
  • All your friends abandon you.
  • Your mother won’t talk with you.
  • You lose everything and have to move in with someone who is abusive.
  • Your father beat you as a child.
  • Your dog is killed.
  • Your country is the victim of a terrorist attack.
  • You are stranded on a deserted island.
  • You were falsely accused of abuse and lost custody of your children.
  • Your business manager steals all your money.
  • Your spouse/partner cheats on you.
  • You are diagnosed with an illness that makes you lose your ability to think clearly.
  • You have a lifelong struggle with your weight/body image.
  • Your daughter is murdered by her husband, but he’s free and has custody of their children.
  • You contract an incurable sexually transmitted disease.
  • Someone close to you is dying.
  • You are at death’s door.

If you Become a Reasons Why Member, you will be able to download a matrix which lists all of these Bad Things and how each of the Five Reasons Why could explain the cause of the event.



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